Fall Prevention & Management

Falls are a serious concern for seniors and their caregivers. EQC Occupational Therapy can teach your loved ones how to prevent falls and prolong quality of life.

An old man standing with a help of a walker so he can prevent a fall

Why Choose EQC Occupational Therapy for Fall Prevention & Management?

We are your resource in establishing and implementing fall prevention techniques. We will provide you with actionable steps to make your home safe and comfortable.

Our licensed occupational therapist will visit your home to meet with you and your loved one. We listen to understand your concerns and will find ways to create a safe and productive environment for your loved one. Our fall-prevention assessment includes a sample of the following:

  • Evaluate your loved one
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations
  • Home modifications recommendations

Our occupational therapist will assess your loved one’s current and future capabilities, assess fall dangers throughout your home, and ultimately work with caregivers to implement changes. Contact us for a free consultation with a licensed occupational therapist in the Portland metro area.

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