Caregiver Training

Caregivers face many challenges and responsibilities but finding the right support can make all the difference. At EQC Occupational Therapy, our licensed occupational therapist will provide you the tools and knowledge to help your loved one.

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Why Choose EQC Occupational Therapy for Caregiver Training?

Being able to properly care for your loved one can greatly increase their quality of life and yours as well. We meet with you to discuss your unique needs and create a training plan.

The following is just some of the valuable aspects of caregiving training:

  • Teach assistance measures that aren’t intrusive
  • Provide adaptive equipment training
  • Show you ways to adapt the environment to meet the needs of your loved one

With caregiving training from EQC Occupational Therapy, your family will be empowered with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely care for your loved one.

If you are interested in caregiver training in the Portland metro area, please contact EQC Occupational Therapy. We are here for you.

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